A Foundation of feelings

Coming Soon - Free to FEEL

Video series to guide towards the power of your honest emotions in a healthy way. Explore the benefits of emotional intelligence through our informative video series.

How am I feeling? Have you lost your mind? I don't have time for my emotions and I don't see how they can help my hectic schedule. As a product expert, it is crucial to prioritize emotional awareness over efficiency and productivity distractions. Emotions can strengthen your ability to stay focused and achieve your goals.

tending your human needs

Coming Soon - Mind Your NEEDS

Video series to guide towards the power of your human needs. Explore the fundamental principles of human psychology in our informative video series.

Despite diligent effort daily, progress seems elusive due to interruptions, distractions, and conflicting priorities, hindering the fulfillment of your needs.

With the Mind Your NEEDS video course, you can implement a simple system to help you define your human needs and focus on what matters.

Just can't wait for our video series? Consider 1 on 1 coaching that will help you on your human needs journey? Or perhaps you're feeling frustrated and just need some next-step guidance on meeting your needs more effectively. Share your story with me and we'll work together to turn things around. Get ready for a transformative experience! -Grady Needs Coach