Don't mistake being busy for fulfilling your needs.

While it's true that taking action is important, it doesn't always lead to genuine progress. If we only gauge success by how efficient, productive, and quick we are, it's hardly surprising to find ourselves living in a state of anxiety, disconnection, and exhaustion. At the heart of truly thriving lies an understanding that meeting our fundamental human needs is crucial. Recognizing and fulfilling these core needs grants us a profound sense of agency and paves the way for genuine self-improvement and well-being.


We craft comprehensive needs-based productivity solutions tailored for individuals leading busy lives, aiming to infuse both their personal and professional worlds with deeper meaning and fulfillment.

As we continue to traverse the contours of our lives,

let us do so with our needs and emotional truth as our guide; forever equipping us to face life’s challenges with resilience and compassion.

-Adlai Stevenson II

Defining your needs is half the job in meeting them

inspired by your needs


When people's needs are met, they naturally become more productive and balanced. They understand that true productivity isn't about doing more tasks, but rather focusing on the most important ones that align with their unique purpose and eliminating unnecessary activities.


Certainty (Work - Well being)

As humans, we crave a sense of stability, comfort, and security in our lives. From the simple necessities like food and clothing to more complex needs like financial and personal stability, the need for certainty is ingrained in our nature. We find peace in our daily routines, planning for the future, taking care of our well-being through exercise and diet, and keeping our homes in order. Practicing CERTAINTY gives us the strength to face the uncertainties of life and sets the foundation for our other human needs.

Variety (Fun)

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if every day was the same? Sure, there would be a certain level of comfort and predictability, but let's be real - it would get pretty dull pretty fast. That's why injecting some variety into your life is necessary for keeping things fresh and exciting. Whether it's picking up a new hobby, expanding your social circle, trying something outside of your comfort zone, mixing up your workout routine, or just embracing spontaneity, there are countless ways to add some fun and flavor to your daily routine.

Recognition (Significance)

Imagine a world where we're simply existing but not truly acknowledged for who we are or what we're capable of. It's a world where we feel invisible, insignificant and unimportant. That's why we all need recognition - both physically and mentally - to give us a profound sense of value and worth. Whether it's the warm embrace of our family, a pat on the back from our boss, a compliment from a stranger, or the satisfaction of our achievements, it's these feel-good moments that make us feel truly appreciated and validated.

Love (Passions)

Love or deep passions serve as vital threads that enrich our daily existence. They are not mere luxuries but fundamental needs that fuel our zest for life, motivate our actions, and nurture our well-being day in and day out. Love, in its various forms, strengthens our connections and offers a sense of belonging and security, while passion ignites our creativity and drives us to pursue our goals with fervor. Together, our passions ensure that our lives are not just a series of days, but a meaningful journey marked by growth, joy, and fulfillment.

Connections (Tribe)

Connection hold a significance that cannot be overstated. These bonds, whether forged through friendship, family, or the fleeting interactions with strangers, enrich our existence and provide a much-needed sense of belonging in the vast expanse of the human experience. They are the pillars upon which our emotional well-being rests, serving not only as a source of comfort and joy but also as a crucial support system during times of adversity. In essence, our connections remind us that we are part of a vast, interconnected community.

Sharing (Honesty)

Opening up about how we're truly feeling is more important than we may have ever imagined. It turns out, consistently sharing the highs and lows of our lives is a crucial factor in our overall well-being. And the benefits? Oh, they are aplenty. Your nervous system, which controls all sorts of essential bodily functions, can get a significant boost from just a little bit of sharing in your daily routine. Neuroscience studies show that sharing can have outstanding benefits to both our parasympathetic nervous system as well as sympathetic nervous systems.

A Better You (Learning)

Unlock Your True Potential and Embrace Growth! Transformation is an essential part of life, and it's up to us to actively pursue it. Whether
it's actively seeking new knowledge and experiences or responding to life's challenges, embracing growth is the key to unlocking our potential. Take a moment to reflect on what being the best version of yourself means to you. It could be as simple as learning a new skill, cutting out bad habits, or incorporating healthy routines into your lifestyle. Don't settle for mediocrity when greatness is within reach.
Invest in yourself and become the best possible version of YOU!

Contribution (Giving Back)

Fulfilling the need to contribute to something bigger than ourselves brings much more than a sense of satisfaction, it provides a sense of
purpose and meaning. For some, it is an important priority in their lives, while for others it is a way to give back after their personal
needs are met. No matter the approach, lending a helping hand to a friend, family member, community or even the world works wonders in terms of individual growth, especially spiritually. And the best part? GROWTH needs are all higher in spiritual needs so it is almost impossible to meet these needs in feel-bad ways.

Feel Good? Feel Bad? it matters!

Backed by Science

Feel Good Feel Bad is based on psychologist Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of human needs as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT is a form of psychological treatment that has been demonstrated to be effective for a range of problems including time and task management, ADHD, depression, anxiety disorders, addiction problems, marital issues, eating disorders, mental illness and more. Through CBT we learn that our thoughts affect our emotions and our emotions affect our behaviors. In other words, in order to overcome our adversities and achieve lasting and enjoyable routines we need to recognize that capable emotional space between our unique needs and our desired behaviors.

your needs - your honesty - your story

Designed for Your Success

I struggled for decades prioritizing my life based solely on productivity which rarely lasted. I finally realized that at the foundation of every one of my goals, habits, dreams, and routines were two things I had previously missed: a unique need and a honest emotion.

It's time for us to embrace a fresh approach to addressing our needs and enhancing our productivity. One that focuses on nourishing ourselves, strengthening our connections, and fostering personal growth rather than mere output. By blending your individual needs with candid feedback, this program aims to help you establish purposeful habits, set achievable goals, and build fulfilling relationships.

–Grady Pope, Creator Feel Good? Feel Bad? mY sToRy